They were gonna have a look at one of my favorite SUVs the Dodge Durango and normally Chrysler would send us a fully loaded Citadelle. Kind of boring. Thankfully this is the Durango RT. The RT is different from any of the other Durango’s and. By the way is one the black chrome wheels. 2014 to Durango has a refresh. And that means an all new interior and updated exterior. We have a look at the front it’s a little bit different.

2014 Dodge DurangoAcross the nose of the truck and at the back there’s a new LED taillights which are really smashing but the interior is absolutely perfect and modern. Well my favorite things. Tarango is how well. Is Exemplary 4.5 No Sir Ladies About that hammy it’s. Hundreds The horsepower 9 Torque It’s also paired with. Beat automatic It works. Exceptionally well and. I’m really impressed by. Trouble is however if you’re careless with the throttle this. Rock Will Just give our fuel. Thankfully I’ve been taking it relatively easy. But I’m still getting. 0.3 liters per 0 kilometers. The deregulatory starts at a little over $49000 and. This one is virtually fully optioned and it comes in that. Additional info read at headlights Dodge Durango

The $9000 right in line with the Citadelle but to be honest it’s got all the or at least the majority of the same features as the citadel and to me it’s far more visually interesting the citadel is a little bit more restrained a little more conservative I really like the look of the artsy. Right about now the competitive landscape is changing for the Durango because 2015 Chevy Tahoe GMC Yukon are just about to come to market and those 2 will be formidable competitors for this Durango. The Durango is still one of my favorite CD is particularly in this RT tram it really looks. The business definitely the kind of SUV that I want to drive. Before I go with death we want to know what you think so please leave a comment below thanks for watching and we’ll see you again next time.