One is a generation Honda Accord ago it has been in the country for over 2 years now. Which means it’s about time for it to get a faceless. We’re gonna take a look to see what the changes are on this record. Your it is n’t hang on a second what are the changes exactly. Apart from this mock you for the team that changes aren’t all that obvious. But the government has to spot them. Ever if the war we made the refreshment of the exterior. In terms of front bumper yet bumpers and front grills.

2011 Honda AccordRight the front bumper has been tweaked. The fog lamps sit in groups that extends all the way to the grid. The group has also changed. It now gets 3 chrome rings elements for a bit Mosbacher. Similarly the rear to get strong garnish on the. The outside review mirrors also get bit did indicators. Meanwhile there’s also a new saddle annoyed beats for the V6 variant. On the inside the Honda Accord still feels nice and spacious. There was some changes here to the boardroom is not practical and apart from that there was one big change. Whatever port on the thunder from the what 2.4 versions. Now that is a very good addition. The sun roof which is only available only on the V6 variant is. Also available on the 2.fully don’t want to. This makes the abort unlock more tempting. What the accord doesn’t get a steering mounted audio controls and brutal.

Well because we thought though you know or your pointer over various heat even more important for these kind of. But all these changes arcus. But we even hit the road to see what changes whether under the skin. I. Cool. Watson. The board use the same. 40 to mortar. DB it’s been. Plus led 2011 Honda Accord headlights. And there’s the cutting edge 3.5 litre of. Do certified the it’s beyond that. Of course if you’ve been dreaming of a diesel Honda Accord then you’ll have to wait for much longer. We have. Runs So we are studying in the. Making a feasibility, Meanwhile I was out on the highway trying to see if the court had. Even. A soft setup of the double wishbone front and multi link at the Rio. It’s the court agreed golf for long drives. The engine dismissed the tarmac with peace was the suspension find things out n’t. However the upload slightly restless and novus field or Bronx is today especially when breaking. So mechanically I’d have to say that nothing SG.

I don’t agree there might be no changes but don’t 0.40 Doug ward has gained in domes of technology or intelligence because now it has a very good stability assist system it just makes things a little bit safer when you’re driving fast. I Simply put the BSA is the electronic stability program patrolling GBS and traction control and to keep you out of trouble. The addition of all these features to the 2.40 drug court has added about not too pleased through its price that they’re already 9000 units of Hondo’s degeneration accord on Indian roads. So movies changes be enough to get more people into the showrooms. Over the years Honda has soared over 25000 records in the country today which means it has to be one of the largest selling food size luxury sedans in the country and with good reason it has good space it has had shop styling and greed engine under the hood and with this facelift the styling has gotten a little bit shop or you have a bit more spice to it and of course you are getting more features for the bread and butter of inverse the 2.4 liter engine.

A court you have the sun roof you have lived instability assist. All ads just that little bit more zing to the accord. Which means if you’re looking for accord them. Escorting little bit more tempting, After the break almost 3 All the school World automobile.