box on the car roofDecide what you are going to be transported, because in the volume all of the boxes can be divided into three groups: up to 350 liters, at 350-500 liters, more than 500 liters. In the first group – those boxes that will be useful only as small additions to the cargo capabilities of the car. If you need a second full trunk – for example, if staff is regularly busy – it is better to pay attention to the second group. For transportation of large amounts of volume of cargo and long-length suits is better the third group.

Speaking of long-length, we can’t ignore, and one more conventional division of boxes – by form. Traditionally, there is also represent three groups: “a short and wide” (small boxes with the shape of the bottom, close to a square), “long and wide” and “narrow and long.” The first group is suitable for small cars with a short base, the other two – for the larger cars.