Alright changing the Nissan Qashqai xenon headlights to those intent. I want you need is a screwdriver. And only need to do this. Like that. Remove. The business. Plastic parts. Since we are changing that Qashqai headlights. The left said life you do need to remove this ad air and taker. Otherwise the erase quite tight over here and it’s almost impossible to reach the bulb and change it. So what you doing this with remove with your. Screwdriver Europe the these plastic parts both of them ones too and then this whole.

nissan qashqai xenon headlightsPartners plastic parts comes very easily out from this area. And once you have removed this you have lots of space here to nissan qashqai xenon headlights. To remove the Hold To reach the phone lump under changed in your. And put the new one once you have done it put this. Plastic thing plastic air intake of back into the place and you need to place these. Plastic Whatever you call them backing. One thing that I found out that is very important why you’re putting. Stalling this back. Is that. This park should. Be like this.

I’m not. Not like that otherwise you will face some trouble. Inserting the space. Said that Whole So make sure it’s in this position. And then But I Think back You So it’s pretty simple. But You have to remove this. Aaron taker and it’s quite simple to administer I hope this was Nissan qashqai xenon headlights. Cary grant’s Peace Do not hate anyone okay. Love everybody.